The Role of the British Armed Forces in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

The invasion of Ukraine by its neighbour Russia has brought the world to a standstill. One thing about this war is that it has divided the world. Russia has its allies who are helping in any way possible, and so does Ukraine.

For Ukraine, the West is on its side, with Britain among the superpowers facilitating the Ukraine government to win the war. In this piece, find out the role of the British armed forces in the war.

Financial Aid

With Ukraine’s economy paralysed, Britain has offered financial aid to the former Soviet country. In March, then Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK would be providing £25 million in favour of the Ukrainian military as extra funds in addition to the £400 million his government has committed for humanitarian and economic aid. At the time of writing, the UK has pledged over £2.5 billion for Ukraine.

Weapons Aid

Besides funding, Britain has offered Ukraine top-of-the-range weapons. One of the fundamental military aids is intelligence. The UK military deployed an RC-135W Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft, which has given Ukraine the edge in terms of intel on Russian military positions. This is alongside other weapons, including NLAW anti-armour weapons, Javelin anti-tank missiles, armoured vehicles, long-range artillery, surveillance drones, M270 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, and mine-hunting UUVs, to mention a few.

Military Training

The UK has also been instrumental in the training of Ukraine’s military. In July, up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers

were sent to the UK for specialist military training. The training gave volunteer recruits the military expertise needed to defend their country. Civilians, too, have been trained by the British military.

Indeed, the British army has been an invaluable addition to the Ukraine military. However, the help has consequences, as Russia now sees Briain as an enemy.

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