Nicotine Amongst The Armed Forces

It is the job of the British Armed Forces to keep the country safe from external dangers. In order to do this soldiers may be stationed in defensive areas. Alternatively, they might be shipped out to perform missions overseas. This line of work can often be arduous and stressful.

Changes To The Sector

The technology utilised by the army has advanced greatly over the years. In fact the history of the Armed Forces is one of rapid change in terms of weapons, vehicles and tactics. Despite this the life of an average soldier is very similar to one decades ago. A lot of their time will be spent training and waiting to be called into action.

With so much time to spare and such high levels of stress it is understandable that nicotine use is prevalent in the forces. It was once common to see both standard soldiers and commanding officers smoking cigarettes. Times have changed and the Forces have announced the intention to become smoke free by the end of 2022.

Consequences To The Ban

As a result workers in this sector have to find other ways to get their nicotine fix. This could include purchasing Velo nicotine pouches from the website Northerner. Some people will be reluctant to give up nicotine altogether. Its use is so popular that slang terms for smoking have entered the squaddie vernacular. Many people who have gotten used to cigarettes may struggle with the new change in policy.

An Alternative View

On the other hand there are benefits to it. All members of an

operational structure need to be as healthy as possible. The problem with smoking is that it can lead to lung issues. If the soldier is physically unable to do their job due to such ailments it can put the entire squad in jeopardy.

It remains to be seen if the Forces will start to ban nicotine in all of its forms. This substance is a great way to achieve instantaneous relaxation. For the time being it appears that soldiers will be able to still enjoy Velo nicotine pouches. They can order one that appeals to their specific tastes. These items come in numerous different flavours. Mint will be popular amongst those who want to have an experience of freshness. Fans of sweeter tastes will prefer the variety of citrus fruits on offer. There are even different strengths to try out.

Nicotine And Psychology

There is a clear reason why nicotine is popular within the Forces. This substance gives soldiers a much needed break from the arduous nature of their work. It is important to relieve tension from time to time. Otherwise it can build up and lead to both physical and mental issues.

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