In order to distinguish between different groups of army and forces personnel, there are several different uniforms. There are sixteen categories of uniforms total that vary in colour, look and even by symbols on the uniform. The variety of uniforms is extensive enough to include an outline of what to wear during the day as well as evening and more formal wear and also outline appropriate hairstyles and footwear. Day to day uniform includes a smock, jacket and dark pants as well as reflective logos on the arms of jackets.

A beret is worn and the specific colour of this headdress is where you are able to tell the regiment that the personnel is part of. These colours and who wears them include:

    • Khaki; this includes five different regiments from the Foot Guards to the Royal Anglican Regiment
    • Grey; a light grey beret includes Dragoon Guards as well as Nursing Corps.
    • Brown; King Roual Hussars, a group part of the Royal Armoured Corps.

  • Black— black is worn by the oldest tank unit in the world- the Royal Tank Regiment
  • Dark green— Rifle green is for several rifle regiments, three different regiments
  • Maroon is for the parachute regiment is the most elite airborne infantry regiments in the world.
  • Beige is worn by the diverse special services known as the Special Air Service.
  • Light (or Sky) Blue is worn by the eight regiments that make up the Army Air corps
  • Cypress green is worn by the specialized intelligence corps
  • The royal military police wear a shade of scarlet or red
  • Army green is worn by the General Corps
  • Navy Blue; the various units and regiments listed here wear navy blue.

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