Military Equipment

We have come a long way from the days of wooden rifles and limited access to equipment and technology. Today, the range of weapons and equipment at military disposal is endless. There are restrictions by different governments that place limitations and guidelines in terms of what militaries are and are not allowed to purchase and from who. Different militaries across the world have different sets of equipment depending on their country’s needs, the government regulation, among other factors. In Britain, it is a sovereign and relatively peaceful nation, requiring a more limited and tame set of weapons and equipment for use domestically and for their presence in various overseas missions. The weapons and main equipment used by the British Armed forces include:

Firearms and infantry

There are several rifles used by the present day armed forces including the L58A2 and A3, part of a range of guns exclusive to Britain and their armed forces. They are gas operated and their design is simple yet powerful enough to be protective. There are often modern rifles introduced to meet more urgent needs and with faster and more powerful capabilities.

Though there are several rifles, machine guns and other firearms in circulation and at the disposition of the armed forces, often they are not carried on the forces for regular patrol or civilian duty.


There are several fighting vehicles that make up the British army’s fleet of armour. These vary from battle tanks, used primarily in battle and on deployment missions as well as passenger vehicles for the movement of important people that feature bulletproof windows, armoured exterior among other features.

Artillery systems

Artillery tends to be a word associated with more archaic and historic times but currently artillery is still used in many different situations. Britain has several artillery systems at their disposal, used in emergency situations and when fighting overseas. This includes a rocket system, various armoured guns and other weapons, with respective ranges from 24-100 km depending on the need.

Engineering vehicles

Beyond just weapons for fighting, the British armed forces are also well equipped with equipment to help detect and dismantle bombs, identify snipers as well as identify enemies or the faces of wanted or known criminals, terrorists, etc.


In the air, the Air Force supports the military and has a fleet of vehicles serving purposes that range widely from transportation to fighting. This fleet includes vehicles such as helicopters, fighter jets, and other specially designed air craft

In the water

There is also no shortage of ships at military disposal. The Navy supports military operations by leveraging the power of ships and boats that range from small and fast to large and powerful and everything in between. There are submarines, jet boats as well as large, cargo ships, among others.

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