Slang commonly used in the British Forces

Here are some terms you would hear often if you were in the British Forces and tha you may have already heard if you know anyone in the forces:

  • ‘Ally; A word used to tell someone how good they look in their military fashion.
  • Threaders; this is a term used to describe someone who is frustrated or angry.
  • Hoofing; the opposite of threaders, hoofing means amazing.
  • Gleaming; used to let someone know that they’ve done something or are going to do something good.
  • Dhobi Dust; this is how personnel in the armed forces used to describe laundry detergent.
  • Egg banjo; an egg sandwich that can be messy and make you look like you are strumming a banjo as you try and get the egg off of your shirt when it squirts on it.
  • Gash; term used to describe garbage.
  • Gen; When someone asks you ‘what’s the gen’ they are asking you to spill the beans or the tea, to give them the gossip.
  • Jack; someone not well regarded, a term used to negatively describe someone.
  • KFS; This one is the most straightforward of all, simply stands for knife, fork, spoon.

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