Operational Structure

operational structure of the British Armed Forces is as follows, based on the restructure planned for 2020:


  • two air strike brigades
  • Two armoured infantry brigades


  • Seven (potentially more) specialised infantry groups and batallions.

Force Troops

  • this includes nine different groups and brigades that support the two above mentioned groups of forces.

Operationally, the British forces typicaly would include namely groups from the reactive forces, combined with additional armour as well as engineers, artillery and weaponry, medical, technical and logistical personnel, numbers of which vary depending on mission requirements. The aim when composing these groups is to create self sufficient battle and tactical groups to help create a level of autonomy, making it easier to deploy and act in many different situations.

Structurally, there are also the Navy, Marines and airforce as a different type of structure breakdown. Each of these serve a unique purpose but also work together to create these battle groups and to fill all of the needs and requirements of various missions and deployments.

Finally, the training of these personnel has to be consistend and thorough and this training is another key element of the military structure.

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