Russian Activity in the Baltic Region

RAF jets had to scramble last minute as Russian planes flew over Norway. RAF Typhoons were sent out in early April when two Russian aircraft, Blackjack bombers few over the East Coast of Norway.

Fortunately, there was no real conflict as the jet did not enter any UK airspace but were close and did enter trigger and areas of interest. This took place while various NATO forces are in Scotland on a mission called Exercise Joint Warrior, which is currently underway in Scotland.

The jets were intercepted over the North Sea and escorted safely and peacefully out of this air space. This was not the first time that this was the case or that there was a close call. THis is actually the second time in a matter of two weeks that this has been a concern.

This was attributed to the fact that the RUssians have increased their presence and activity in the Baltic region. As a result, there have been British forces deployed to the Baltic region, just in case there is any issues.

There were six incidents like this in 2018, with more expected to take place in 2019.

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