The Centre for Excellence for Human Security

The British force sare introducing a new initiative that is called the Centre for Excellence for HUman Security. This Centre was created with the mission to help raise awareness, preparedness and to help respond to sexual violence conflict and situations. This announcement came from Gavin Willamson, who is the Secretary of State Defence in England.

In order to prepare thos in the Armed Forces for these scenarios, this Centre will deliver thorough and professionally developed training. Some of the topics that this training will cover and help the forces better understand include:

    • Sexual exploitation
    • Sexual abuse
    • Cultural properyu
    • Armed conflict
    • Human trafficking
    • Recognizing and understanding signs of mental health issues and sexual abuse.

The idea is to use a teaching and learning approach combining academia with hands on and practical learning to better equip the armed forces and personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed not only in fighting but a well rounded and diverse skillset.

THis is an innovative approach to the way that these forces operate and exist, as the British Armed Forces are the first in the world to have a formal and codified policy on HUman Security. This is a great way to protect everyone from those in combat to civilians to the families of those serving. This initiative also helps ensure that the work that the forces do are for the good and the best of the countries and societies that the forces operate in.

The response to this initiative by those in the forces has been seemingly positive and well received thus far, which is great news and speaks highly to the potential and the momentum of the British Armed Forces.

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